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Empty Rack for #401(5 mL) and 126-5000S "1298-401RA" (10 racks)

Empty Rack for #401(5 mL) and 126-5000S "1298-401RA" (10 racks)

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Cat. No.:1298-401RA
Volume:5.0 mL
Unit:10 racks / unit
Case:5 units (Number of pieces in a large box for bulk purchases)
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[Tip compatibility] 5 mL tips:110-401C
     (Filter tips):126-5000S

Material:Polycarbonate (rack)
Polypropylene (plate)

  • Empty rack for refilling bulk tips and refilling replacement plates for 5 mL Tip 401.
  • This is a set of the main unit (top and bottom) and plates.(Pipette tips are not included)


Set the plate in the rack and autoclave it. Repeated autoclaving may deform the rack.