Why Choose Us?

Giving Shape to Users' Demands

The Watson Bio Lab brand, established in 1988, has expanded its market share by incorporating users' requests into its products.

Achievements to Date

• Improved dispensing accuracy by reducing the tip cross-sectional area and improving liquid-cutting performance
• Developed a special long tip to prevent the micropipette body from touching the inner wall of the container and contaminating it.
• Variation in the cap touch of the microtubes reduces the strain on the fingers when opening and closing the cap.
• Improved manipulation of micropipette volume control and faster working speed
• Create polypropylene serologic pipettes that can be used like oversized pipette tips to expand the range of research applications.

When you use our products, you will experience the difference in quality and design.

An Emphasis on Compatibility

Be careful when developing products for consumables, such as pipette tips.

We are always trying to make sure that our pipettes fit our products and those of other companies so that as many people as possible can use our pipettes. You can check the compatibility of our pipettes with your own micropipettes on our compatibility chart. If you do not see your micropipette in the compatibility chart, please request a sample to try it out.

Manufactured in a well-controlled factory

We have insisted on manufacturing our products in Japan, where they are under close supervision. You can use our products confidently because they are manufactured in a clean room in a well-controlled factory certified under ISO9001 and ISO13485.

Guarantee Issuance

For products labeled as nuclease-free, pyrogen-free, or radiation-sterilized, we can issue a guarantee upon request.

Fast Shipping

We deliver our products from our warehouse in the U.S. via standard delivery, and you will receive them within a week.