Collection: Single-channel pipettor NEXTY-S


Speedy in Volume Setting

  • 1 rotation of triple turbo dial is equal to 3.5 rotations of the push-button dial.
  • Easy handling operation with only one hand.
  • Very convenient when making large volume changes.

*The smaller dial is useful for small volume changes using the minimum scale.
*Granted Patent US8646343B2/CN102101065B/ EP2329885B1(UK,FR,DE,IT)



Easy to push with less fatigue

  • With this easy-to-handle design, users are less likely to get tired.
  • The extremely light stroke reduces thumb fatigue, allowing long-term usage with no consequences.
  • Precise Volume Setting Dial for the minimum scale unit (1/1000).



Push button and turbo dial's rotation can be locked by this lock lever.
Can prevent the deviations in volume setting.



Scale is easy to look at because display is three digit. Can set 1/1000 volume of maximum.



The position of Eject button enable easy-pipetting operation.



NEXTY's push button has different color by each maximum volume.


Autoclavable bottom parts

The nozzle cone and eject cone can be taken off and autoclaved.

*O-rings and seal rings can be left in nozzle cone - they are autoclavable. The nozzle cone can be autoclaved as well.
Nozzle cone can be autoclaved with together them.


Made in Japan Reliability and Quality

Every aspect of the NEXTY pipette is manufactured in our factory in Japan. From the production of parts, to the final assembly and calibration it is all done inhouse. We also have a calibration, repair and maintenance facility inhouse.

Strict Quality Control

Quality inspection of every unit is performed in a dedicated controlled environment.


1 Year Guarantee

NEXTY pipettes have 1 year guarantee from the date of purchase. Every unit ships with an accuracy inspection report (unique to each serial number) and a product warranty.


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