For First Time Buyers is an e-commerce site operated by Watson Corporation, distributor of the Japanese life science labware brand Watson Bio Lab.

Fast Shipping

Although we are a Japanese company, our products are shipped from our U.S. warehouse and can usually be delivered in one week.

High-Quality Products

Watson Bio Lab's consumables, such as pipette tips and microtubes, are manufactured in Japan at an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485-certified factory. The factory is equipped with a class 100,000 clean room, and the products are manufactured inside the clean room to prevent biological impurities from being introduced during the manufacturing process. The quality of these products is verified through periodic sampling tests, and only products from production lines that have passed the tests are packaged and shipped with the nuclease-free mark.

Realizing Users' Demands

Watson Bio Lab's products include unique products developed in collaboration with Japanese researchers. Examples include Plasma Filter, Microbial Preservation Plate, and Spheroid Catch. You will also experience the ingenuity of our general-purpose products when you hold them in your hands and use them. Have you ever wished you had a device of such a shape in your experiments? is committed to providing feedback on the needs and seeds of researchers worldwide to the product development department in Japan for use in new products.

Watson Bio Lab brand products are for research use. They can be used for in vitro testing in the medical field but not for medical applications where they are placed inside the human body (e.g., culturing tissue for transplantation).