Collection: Virus Research & Testing

The new coronavirus caused a global pandemic in 2019. A range of products, such as filter tips and long tips, were often available to help prevent contamination. Tool selection is also vital in the fight against invisible pathogens.

Reducing the Risk of Contamination

The risk of contamination can be reduced by using interchangeable, disposable products such as disposable serologic pipettes or inexpensive products such as simple pipettes for test kits.

Host Cell Culture

Viruses with a simple structure consisting only of DNA in a protein shell cannot multiply independently. They multiply in host cells, and the infection spreads as more viruses move from one host to another. For this reason, host cell culture is indispensable for virus research to increase the number of viruses and keep them alive. This is where culture plates are used. However, since the virus is invisible, subsequent screening tests will reveal whether the virus is growing in the host cells on the culture plate.

PCR-Related Products

PCR tests are used to amplify viral DNA to confirm the presence or absence of viruses. It is well known that the PCR test was used to determine the presence or absence of infection by the new coronavirus.

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