Collection: PP disposable serological pipettes

PP Dispo Pipette made of polypropylene is characterized by high resistance to chemicals and solvents and a low cost.
A wider range of applications!

Material Polypropylene(body), Polypropylene(adapter), Polyethylene(filter)


●Low cost
PP Dispo Pipette is less expensive because of polypropylene, compared with dispo pipette made of polystyrene or glass.
*After autoclaving this product, we CANNOT guarantee scale accuracy.

●Excellent chemical resistance
Can be used for various purposes.

●High safety
PP Dispo Pipette dose not break easily.

●Short length
Easy to handle on a clean bench ensuring efficient operation.
Length 197 mm (With adaptor length 220 mm)

Attach the dedicated adapter onto the dispensers. Put or replace PP Dispo Piprtte.

①Attach the dedicated adapter onto the dispensers.

②Put or replace PP Dispo Piprtte.


nucleaze-free mark

Nuclease-free guaranteed
This mark shows RNase/DNase/Human-DNA free. Products with this mark are manufactured in the clean room under our high quality control, and inspected to meet our strict quality standards. A document with this mark can be issued for each lot upon your request.



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