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200 µL, Long Hyper Filter Tip, Graduated, System Rack (PC), Sterilized "125-200XS" (96 tips x 10 racks)

200 µL, Long Hyper Filter Tip, Graduated, System Rack (PC), Sterilized "125-200XS" (96 tips x 10 racks)

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Cat. No.:125-200XS
Item:200 µL, Long Hyper Filter Tip, Graduated, System Rack (PC), Sterilized
Volume:200 µL
Unit:96 tips x 10 racks / unit
Case:5 units (Number of pieces in a large box for bulk purchases)
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Material: Virgin Polypropylene (pipette tip, plate) Polyethylene (filter)

Best for the use of 5 mL test tube with its length 75 mm.

nucleaze-free mark

Nuclease-free guaranteed
This mark shows RNase/DNase/Human-DNA free. Products with this mark are manufactured in the clean room under our high quality control, and inspected to meet our strict quality standards. A document with this mark can be issued for each lot upon your request.

PRECAUTIONS : When using the long tip or extra-long tip

The liquid is affected by pressure, dependent on the size/length of the tip. Therefore when you use a certain pipette in combination with a long tip, it is necessary to adjust the scale on the pipette tip’s height (=height of sample) in accordance to the level to which liquid has been drawn in. If an 801* tip (250 μL) or an 805** tip (1200 μL) is used, it is necessary to make adjustments.

Note: The shape/size of the following tips is identical.
*Tip # 801: Tip # 200XS series
**Tip # 805: Tip # 1200S series

Hyper filter tip - Hyper filter prevents liquid overflow

Watson's "Hyper-Filter tip" adopts a special hydrophobic porous filter to prevent overflow caused by human errors.

Features of Hyper-Filter

1.Decreasing elution from the filter

Hyper-Filter has excellent chemical resistance, thus the sample which has been erroneously over-aspirated and touched the filter can be re-used in safety.

2.Stop sample overflow and contamination

In a comparison of Watson's Hyper-Filter Tips with other brands(when aspirating 60 µL with 20 µL filter tip), Watson brand Hyper-Filter tip completely prevents the sample overflow due to our highly dense filter in one minute after the solution has been absorbed.

3.Easy sample collection

The sample can be collected after aspirating the sample right up to the filter and dispensing. The particles of filter do not swell with the solution and block the filter.


Hyper-Filter can stop the liquid firmly but don't close the hole completely when it comes into contact with the sample excessively aspirated.
Hyper-Filter is dense enough to prevent overflow, however maintains the holes in the filter.

Conventional Hyper Filter
Conventional Hyper Filter particles, once the sample touched the filter, expand and block in the holes of the filter to prevent overflow.
These samples cannot be collected once dispensed.