Collection: O-ringless screw cap tubes

Double-sealed design, Leak-less even without O-ring

Material: Virgin Polypropylene(tube)

Two sealing points provide high airtightness

Two sealing points provide high airtightness

A:1st sealing point
B:2nd sealing point

1st sealing point where the protruding part is located inside of the cap makes the clearance between the cap and the body seal.
By fully tightening the cap, 2nd sealing point makes both upper and main body seal completely seal, resulting in preventing test sample leakage and evaporation.

From 1st sealing point, tighten up to 2nd sealing point.

The part where the protrusion of the cap matches the tube body by tightening is "1st sealing point". Tightening 1st sealing point is essential.
Extra tightening up to about 180° where 2nd sealing point is located is capable of high sealing performance.

*The bottom portion of thread on the tube body appear.


Durable for centrifugal force 17,000 x G*
Our originally designed tube using 100% virgin medical-grade polypropylene proves resistance against a centrifugal force as high as 17,000 x G (Water, 15 min, adapter used).


Convenient for positioning the tube when centrifugation
A marker (notch), which is convenient for positioning the tube during centrifugation and other purposes, is provided on the flange of the tube.


User-friendly and small group packaging
A small sterilized package consists of 20 pcs of screw tubes with its caps sealed completely.
More hygienic performance is available.


Polyethylene Cap
The lineup of user-selectable 5 colors is capable of classification.

*Not Autoclavable

nucleaze-free mark

Nuclease-free guaranteed
This mark shows RNase/DNase/Human-DNA free. Products with this mark are manufactured in the clean room under our high quality control, and inspected to meet our strict quality standards. A document with this mark can be issued for each lot upon your request.

【Precautions: Handling Screwcap Tubes under the Liquid Nitrogen】
1. In terms of safety, store the screwcap tubes in the vapor phase.
2. To avoid any risks such as the tube rupture and the sample spatter, do Not handle the screwcap tube under the liquid phase.
3. Full up the test sample into the body of the screwcap tube up to the degree of 90% of the maximum content.
4. Wear a face shield, protective clothes, and gloves when handling liquid nitrogen for defrosting.

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