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250 µL, Long Tip, Graduated, Refill Plate "122-801C" (96 tips x 10 plates)

250 µL, Long Tip, Graduated, Refill Plate "122-801C" (96 tips x 10 plates)

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Cat. No.:122-801C
Item:250 µL, Long Tip, Graduated, Refill Plate
Volume:250 µL
Unit:96 tips x 10 plates / unit
Case:5 units (Number of pieces in a large box for bulk purchases)
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Material: Virgin Polypropylene (pipette tip, plate)

Best for the use of 5 mL test tube with its length 75 mm.

nucleaze-free mark

Nuclease-free guaranteed
This mark shows RNase/DNase/Human-DNA free. Products with this mark are manufactured in the clean room under our high quality control, and inspected to meet our strict quality standards. A document with this mark can be issued for each lot upon your request.

PRECAUTIONS : When using the long tip or extra-long tip

The liquid is affected by pressure, dependent on the size/length of the tip. Therefore when you use a certain pipette in combination with a long tip, it is necessary to adjust the scale on the pipette tip’s height (=height of sample) in accordance to the level to which liquid has been drawn in. If an 801* tip (250 μL) or an 805** tip (1200 μL) is used, it is necessary to make adjustments.

Note: The shape/size of the following tips is identical.
*Tip # 801: Tip # 200XS series
**Tip # 805: Tip # 1200S series